StrikerDC Color Edition

Next-Gen Sega Dreamcast Controller

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by: Retro Fighters


    Warranty: 12 Months

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    • Quantities extremely limited on first-release batch.




    The StrikerDC

    The best Dreamcast controller the world has ever seen.

    Join the Revolution

    Retro Fighters changes the game once again...literally.

    Built from the ground-up. Built for you.

    From the sleek, ergonomic next generation features to the ports, chipset, and software, the StrikerDC was built from the ground-up to bring you the first Dreamcast controller of its kind.  Relive your favorite classic games like never before.

    No sacrifices.

    The StrikerDC is fully compatible with all first-party VMUs, Vibration Packs, 4x Memory Cards and Microphone.  Pull out your original accessories and play to your heart’s content.

    Improvements all around.

    Take your gaming to the next level with digital shoulder buttons and added pressure sensitive triggers – perfect for fighting games.  No matter what game you play, the StrikerDC adapts to you.

    And, unlike the original Dreamcast controller, the cord on the StrikerDC comes out of the top, instead of the bottom – no more annoying distractions.

    Fits like a glove. Plays like a beast.

    Ergonomically designed for comfort and hours of gameplay, the StrikerDC has been engineered with a high quality and responsive D-pad, comfortable and responsive analog stick, improved visibility VMU viewing window and a turbo function to help get you to the next level.


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    • Ergonomic and modern design
    • Compatible with 1st party VMUs, Vibration Packs, 4X Memory Cards, and Microphone (some 3rd party accessories may be incompatible)
    • High quality and responsive D-pad
    • Added both pressure sensitive triggers and digital shoulder buttons
    • Turbo function to help get you to the next level
    • Comfortable and responsive analog stick
    • Improved visibility VMU viewing window
    • Extra long 10’ cord