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Next-Gen Wireless Dreamcast Controller





Why Retro Fighters?


We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing innovative, cutting-edge products for the retro video game community.

Best Support

We strive to provide best-in-class service and support to our fellow gamers. Our goal is ensure 100% satisfaction with our products.

40K+ Followers

...and growing! Our mission is to become the central hub for the retro gaming community where communication will flow freely.

100K+ Shipped

We're humbled by the support of our community. We try to listen to input and incorporate requests into every product we make.


Brawler64 Bluetooth NSO Edition

Top Rated Controller for Nintendo Switch

Defender Bluetooth Edition

6-Axis Compatible, Pressure Sensitive Buttons


Compatible with Game Cube, Switch, Wii, and PC


Designed Specifically for Super Smash Bros.

Brawler64 Wireless Edition

Best Selling, Top Rated N64 Controller


Storage Case for Nintendo Switch Games

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...Retro Fighters is a must have for any retro gamer!
Crazy fast customer service and I love all my RetroFighters gear and recommend it to all my friends. (I Especially love my Extreme Green N64 Brawler Wireless!).

I haven't had this much fun playing my retro consoles in years, retro fighters is a must have for any retro gamer!
Kenny B.
via Website
Monday, November 21, 2022
Some of the best customer service I have received
The Retro Fighters team offers quality products and some of the best customer service I have received over the years. Thank you for starting and sticking with this company.
Mo C.
via Website
Tuesday, October 12, 2022
For once I was blind and now I can see
I picked up a wireless Brawler64 in grey earlier this year, I did my homework on it before buying it and everyone was saying awesome it was, as a gamer I felt the same way about third party controllers as most gamers do thinking they don't hold a candle to the first party ones.

That being said, the moment I held the Brawler64 in my hands (before even playing any games with it) I knew playing my N64 would never be the same again.

For once I was blind and now I can see, I'm absolutely blown away by this controller, I love it so much I'm upgrading so I can have four of them, all in different colors, the red one is on its way as we speak!
Gerard S.
via Website
Thursday, November 18, 2021
...the definitive controller for the N64!
I once have thought that the original N64 controller was the only way to go until you guys came along! This is the definitive controller for the N64!

Very well-designed ergonomically with comfort and precision in mind, not to mention the wonderful sensitivity support! Such quality build that I've never seen in a 3rd party controller before! Once you go Brawler, you don't go back!!!
Michael H.
via Website
Thursday, December 19, 2019
...literally revived the N64 for me.
I just wanted to provide some quick feedback on the Retrofighter Brawler64 controller. I first saw the controller on MetalJesusRocks and decided to give it a shot. Let me tell you, it is a fantastic controller. It literally revived the N64 for me. The original N64 controller did not age well, and your controller completely fixes that problem. Even GoldenEye, which also didn't age well, feels revived. The controls feel far smoother now than ever before. I absolutely love the product. Thank you for designing this and getting out on the market.
Shawn A.
via Website
Wednesday, September 11, 2019
I love you.
I just bought a Brawler 64 (classic gray) and received it yesterday. I played many, many games last night to get a good feeling for how this controller feels and performs, and wanted to share my feedback.

I love you. Where have you guys been all these years?! FINALLY, a proper, widely-available, well-designed, well-functioning N64 controller with an Analog stick that is precise and isn't overly-sensitive!

You guys are my heroes! I collect video game systems, and haven't had the urge to play my N64 in any significant amount in a long time simply because I hated the controllers so much, and could never find a good alternative that I could justify spending money on ($200 for an old, used hori pad? Heck no!). I really, really hope you guys become big like 8Bitdo and Hyperkin so that we can see what other stuff you guys put out in the coming years, and so we can have a reliable source of good controllers in the future.

Seriously, you guys are the best. I can't wait to buy like 3 more of these.
Tyler C.
via Website
Tuesday, June 4, 2019 of the coolest things I've bought
I'd just like to tell you how impressed I am with the colored brawler 64 controllers. I never leave reviews for anything, but they arrived incredibly soon, and I was so giddy opening up the boxes!

These controllers seriously bring the N64 to the modern age, it makes all sorts of games in my collection more playable than ever! Thank you for doing this, seriously one of the coolest things I've bought in a long time.

Also, I love the colors, I'm so glad I found you guys, and I've already recommended you to a co-worker. Keep it up!
Jared V.
via Email
Tuesday, February 5, 2019
...You are gods!
The Brawler64 Gamepad is my NEW favourite controller! It totally beats the original and all other third-party controllers out there. I was super-happy to get my hands on those bad boys to get a far more comfortable experience on the N64 without the wear-and-tear on the original’s joystick.

I am NEVER going back to the original joystick! I totally recommend you pick this up!

Also, I look forward to your upcoming products and I really want to get my hands on all your other stuff! You are gods!
Anthony E.
via Website
Monday, January 21, 2019 far the best n64 controller on the market.
I have a grey brawler and I absolutely love it. It’s by far the best n64 controller on the market.

Is there any eta for when the colors are going to go on sale? Because I’m looking to buy another 3 and complete my playset.

Any info would be great because I just love your product and honestly can’t wait to get my hands on more.
Martin C.
via Email
Wednesday, December 26, 2018 I've ever used for the N64!
Just got one of your Brawler 64 controllers today for Christmas, It's an AWESOME controller, best I've ever used for N64!
Chad M.
via FaceBook
Tuesday, December 25, 2018
I was an early backer to this project and I absolutely love your controller.
I was an early backer to this project and I absolutely love your controller. It’s great that you made something that is an improvement of the original.

That being said I have a suggestion: Can you please make a Dreamcast controller?! That is the other console that really needs a redesigned controller.

Thanks again for being awesome.
Trevor G.
via Email
Friday, December 14, 2018
My regards to the team: The Brawler64 is a godsend for the N64.
Just wanted to let you know that my replacement controller arrived - and it works GREAT! Pod-racing and goomba-smashing has never felt more smooth and organic on the N64.

Thanks again for your help and kind words. Looking forward to the tranluscent casing lineup! The orange controller has stolen my heart, ahaha.

Take good care, and thanks again for all your hard work. My regards to the team: The Brawler64 is a godsend for the N64.
Emily B.
via Email
Wednesday, December 5, 2018
...and I must say I am blown away.
I recently received my two orders of the Retro Fighters Nintendo 64 controllers and I must say I am blown away.

Thank you so much for standing up for the community. Thank you so much for engineering a fantastic controller to satisfy and fulfill our childhood.

May God bless your family from our family. Thank you again. I 100% support you guys. I will buy more controllers and also thanks for fixing the Gen 1 issues.
Amir H.
via Email
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
The best service ever. You got me as a customer for life.
Just wanna say thank you. I had a problem with my B button sticking. I emailed you and you guys sent out a new one just like that. It was at my place in 3 days.

The best service ever. You got me as a customer for life. Thank you again.
Jason H.
via Email
Friday, September 21, 2018