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  1. Drew H

    This controller is an affordable option compared to the official pro controller. I’ve had great experiences with the Brawler64 wireless and Defender controllers. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the same experience as the other reviewers with the Contender. In addition to the overly sensitive triggers, I also found the left stick to be less responsive and causing somewhat erratic movements. It may only do that with certain games, not sure about that. I only tried it with Diablo III. The controller seems well built and looks/feels nice in the hands. On a side note, the customer service with Retro Fighters is amazing. I received the wrong controller and they shipped the correct one promptly, and told me to keep the first one they sent!

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  2. Katlin M

    Honestly this gives me every thing I want. It’s also a great feeling controller too

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  3. Patrick C
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  4. Christopher D

    Sometimes we just have to admit to ourselves that getting official controllers for our modern consoles is not as affordable as it used to be. To make matters worse many 3rd party offerings, while more affordable, often have a nasty history of build issues and cutting corners that hamper down the gaming experience. The former could not be more true when it comes to the Nintendo Switch but fortunately the latter can not be said about the Contender. Not only is it affordable but it has almost no flaws when put up against its 1st party offerings. Everything about this controller feels good in the hands and has a great build quality to it. The Contender also sports all of the features you can find on the original Pro controller including Amibo support and the ability to “wake up” your Switch. It even has turbo function baked in which can be very useful for many different types of games. It’s only shortcoming is that the ZR and ZL triggers are both far too sensitive and will activate at the smallest press. I tested this on a controller test program on my PC and saw that the triggers will register a full digital press from a value of 0% all the way to 100% at even the slightest touch. I suspect the reason for this is because, in order to have true PC support, ZR and ZL are designed to feel and function as analogue triggers when used on a PC. As we all know, ZR and ZL for any game played on the Switch are treated as digital presses, no analogue function is supported for those games. By designing the triggers to be analogue in nature that may explain the oversensitivity so keep that in mind as you may need to change the way you hold the controller in order to avoid pressing the triggers by accident. Everything else is absolutely fantastic. The Contender is an extremely solid option for getting an affordable controller for your Nintendo Switch, as long as the trigger sensitivity can be worked around for you it is highly recommended.

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  5. Joseph C

    Really great controller! My only gripe is that the ZL button is extra-sensitive compared to the ZR and causes the input to press a lot when I barely touch it. I’ve been able to avoid it causing problems yet though. Still a great controller!

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